Got my belly button pierced 3 days ago and it's still red?

I have a ton of other piercings (industrial, nose, nipples) but they've never stayed red for 3 days after they've been pierced. It doesn't hurt unless I stretch my back which I assume is just stretching my skin. Any reason this could happen? I've been using my sea salt piercing spray that I always use. I don't think it's infected, just a little bit red.


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  • Is it hot? Is it discharging? If neither, then it's 100% just sore (since, well, it's a new piercing). It could also just be typical of that area (for instance I know when I got my lip pierced it swelled a lot more than my nose and ears did). I have a feeling your ears did stay red for about a week, you just didn't notice them because you weren't constantly banging them/irritating them to make you check on them.

    Keep doing saline soaks, don't toy with it, try not to stretch, and let time take its course. If it becomes hot and you notice discharge then go to the doctor. Right now, though, it just sounds like your typical fresh piercing that you're noticing a lot more.

    • FTA: If you think about it, a belly button piercing requires a LOT of skin to be pierced, so.

    • yeah it's not hot or anything so I think it's just irritated since I didn't realize how often I move my abdomen lol thank you!

  • Is the metal bit red?


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  • It will be red don't worry its normal! Make sure you're soaking it. Maybe lay off the sea salt spray as it could dry it out a lot.. grab a shot glass or small cup fill it up with some sea salt or that solution you have but add more water and soak it for 10.