Have you ever burned anything?

Have you ever burned anything?
I used to light everything on fire as a kid... everything...
I've never really lit big fires like that but the one thing i won't forget i let on fire was a frog.

Well not really lit him on fire but i fried him.

See what had happened was i was really young, we had moved to this new house (i still live here)
and we live near a pond. Frogs came out all the time when we moved there. I decided to catch one,

I had like a box.. it was made of petal, i put him in the box and i filled it with water. but barely.
There was a fan that blew out heat in our backyard... i didn't know it blew out heat i thought it blew out air.. i was thinking "Ok to keep this water cold like the pond water il sit him on this fan.

Came back the next day... he was... baked...

No but seriously he was fried... and very dead.

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  • I've been on fire. 20% of my body was burned


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  • I once put frozen buns into the oven and forgot them there for 5 hours. They were black even on the inside... just like my soul.