If a child has a gun and is shooting at you, are they still innocent children?

  • Yes. They are still innocent.
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  • No. They are no longer innocent.
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  • I don't know.
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I think they might still be innocent, or not after a point, but one would be justified in doing anything to protect their life. I was watching something about the Vietnam war and the Viet Cong child soldiers.


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  • No. Unless they shot u by accident. The innocence is lost when they point it at you with the thought or intention of shooting you.


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  • They could be but that doesn't make them any less of a danger. I don't think you are obliged to let someone kill you, even if they don't fully understand what they are doing. It would be exactly the same with an insane person.


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  • Yep. You should try to hug them.