How to take contact with someone you haven't talked to in almost 2 years?

So we were best friend from the age 6-7 to 13-14 or something, before this drama between us and this this person evolved, and we werent best friend anymore. I have met up with her maybe 1-2 times since then on good terms, but we dont regualry speak at all.

I just feel a bit weird contacting her when we haven't talked in over a year, going on two years now. So any advice on how to approach this?


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  • So don't contact her. What's the problem?

    • Because I want to catch up, but I dont want to feel like im being weird

    • So text her "happy holidays, how've you been?" I really don't understand your apprehension. Is there some major fact you are leaving out that concerns you about contacting her?