I feel like im not good at anything?

I know this site might be the wrong one to ask this type of question but here we go..

I feel really useless right now. It's like i've lost connection to my friends and lost my interests and courage. I don't even do anything nowadays. My passion is to become pro at something, but i just suck at everything and can't find things that make me really happy anymore. I always have liked playing games but i just simply suck at them. It didn't matter back then but now i feel depressed because i just suck at everything. I have tried sports, reading, writing, drawing... Nothing interests me anymore. And it's all because i suck at everything. My happiness comes from success but i dont get any. I don't even know what to do with my life right now and im only 13... My life is just really boring and depressing. I think the only way to get out of this depression is to find my talent to get success (happiness). The problem is that i can't find my talents. Many people have them but dont find them useful/fun.


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  • That's hard, and I often feel like that. Maybe you're depressed?


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