Guys, would you like if women complimented you more, or even catcalled more?

I've asked many questions like this, like how often do you get complimented, mainly for appearance.

And from what I've taken, is that most men would like to be complimented and even cat called. Also, that many would ONLY want this attention from those who were genuinely interested in developing something of it, no compliments "just because". So if we're not interested in taking or giving their numbers either for sex, a relationship, or whatever, that it's best to say nothing at all.

Which is frustrating to hear because when we complain about men cat calling or going out of their way to even just compliment women, especially strangers, many men claim that most of it is innocent or without ulterior motives. But that's a different rant for another time.

Would you, men or women, like to be complimented more? Only if they're genuinely interested or just to brighten your day?

  • I'd like if women complimented and cat called more, only if they were genuinely interested.
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  • I'd like if women complimented more, not cat called, but only if genuinely interested.
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  • I'd like if women complimented more, even if they weren't interested in a relationship (FWB, ONS, bf/gf, etc.)
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  • I don't want want women to compliment nor cat call.
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  • I don't care either way.
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  • I've always said, "my biggest complaint about women is that they don't treat me ENOUGH like a piece of meat." I always see those videos of women taping themselves just walking through the city getting cat called and hit on, and while I respect and understand that most women don't like it, as a guy, that would be the best day of my life to get that kind of female attention for my physical appearance. Like that's what I WANT to be complimented on, haha. There are two girls at a Walmart I go to for my job who always make a big deal when I show up there, like "woooo! It's the cutie from (my company)! How you doing, handsome?" These chicks aren't really attractive to me at all, but confidence is on a hundred billion when I leave, haha. Having girls make a big deal about your looks is the dream. It must just be a supply and demand thing, haha, it's funny how much of a disconnect there is between genders.

    • I guess it is supply and demand. Because for many girls, especially if you live in a big city (thank you Chicago), and even more in poor neighborhoods I imagine, you get treated like a piece of meat even before starting puberty. I remember being like 12, walking out of middle school and having creepy 30+yr old guys saying nasty things to me from their cars, whistling, blowing kisses, some even deliberately driving slowly to watch me walk. It was a bit scary I do admit as a preteen and teen. I guess as an adult you get used to it.

      That's the thing that bothers me a lot. That they're not just doing this to adult women, they will harass young girls who aren't even in high school yet. I'm sorry, call me a bitch or whatever, but grown men have no business even "complimenting" preteen/teen girls. I'm not stupid, they're not "innocent" compliments. What business do they have talking to complete strangers?

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    • You! Yes! I love you now lol jk

      But why are you one of the very few men that gets that?
      Whenever I talk about this with guys they like to say "well, I've gotten cat called too".
      I get it. There are women or gay men who do that. But, realistically, how many male and female sexual predators are there?
      And the average guy vs the average girl, who will have an easier time overpowering?

      I'm 4'11, 125lbs. Realistically, most guys will have an easy time pinning me down if they really want to. And that's just one, unfortunately guys like to harass women in groups of 2 or 3, many times even more. So 1 small chick vs 2 or 3 guys?
      That's not the same as a young 20 or 30 something getting hollered at by an older cougar.
      These experiences are not the same.

      Now, if you were in jail and getting harassed by a group of buff, tall guys, yes that's a bit closer to what we feel just walking home after work at night.

    • I've had to literally run from groups of guys because I worked after school. And I worked far and did not have a car, so I was like 16. Getting home like at 1 in the morning.

      And on Friday nights there'd be stupid gang members drunk and on drugs. Just waiting outside like not far from the bus stops.

      So I've had to cross the street and I remember one time them yelling across the street that why did I cross? They were really drunk. And then they crossed to me. I was walking fast and one of them had said "oh, she's got a nice booty. I wanna touch it." And then they all started saying stupid shit. So I crossed the street again and maybe they were just joking but they kept saying "hey slow down! We're not going to hurt you! We just want to be friends with you".

      So I just said that my mom was waiting for me and then I ran the rest of the way.

      I'm not saying men don't face their own dangers, had I been a guy they would have chase me still and mistook me for a gangbanger.

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  • I too have read many questions about men receiving more compliments and even cat calling (a term which might insult cats).

    I don't mind being complimented by women. I don't mind being complimented by unattractive women, as it seems some women do (please note I said " some"). I have been complimented by gay men and I was flattered.

    CAT CALLING IS STUPID, STUPID, STUPID! That being said, I sometimes strongly differ with some people over what is considered cat calling.

    • Yes, it's getting more common, but I doubt it's as much as women.

      What do you consider cat calling?

    • Well, I'm afraid I don't have a solid definition as to what I call cat calling. I know it when I hear it.

      It would be easier to ask me what I don't consider cat calling.

  • I like compliments, even if I or they don't want a relationship or anything. Intelligence and mental capacity are things that can be measured somewhat objectively, but I can't really judge my own appearance. I honestly don't know if I'm attractive or not, so compliments are quite welcome.

    • Do you get them?

    • A few, maybe a handful in a year. I don't go to clubs or bars or anything and I take an aloof approach to being in public though. Sometimes I overhear groups of women comment to one another as well, which is also nice.

      And while I certainly welcome compliments, I do understand the problem with "catcalling" type comments. I would probably have mixed feelings about crude comments. If I got them frequently and from larger, seemingly aggressive, unattractive people I would probably be put off as well.

  • This is a really good question. I don't think many women figure out how to confidently compliment a guy until pretty late in the game (mid-20s I'd say).

    Yet the ones that are confident and put themselves out there and assertively express how they feel, and compliment guys seem to be the more dateable and attractive women to me.

    As I'm meeting a girl, I'll compliment her and I'll notice if she even tries to compliments back, and that can be a fairly decent indicator if she is my type or not or how well she would do in a relationship by being direct, reciprocating compliments, etc.

  • Compliments are nice but I don't want to be harassed by women.

  • Compliments do nothing for me, I know I'm handsome, intelligent and a legend. I don't need a woman to tell me what is already factual and cat calling? Sure, why not, but as Shania Twain says 'that don't impress me much'.

  • Yes! God it would be invigorating to feel desired.

  • The truth is we want you women to be as perverted as us and cat call us and compliment us more.

    • Even if we aren't genuinely interested in you in any physical or sexual way?

    • well no of course not I mean you have to at least be physically attracted to us.

  • Candace swanepoel is hot af OP

  • I wouldn't mind cat calling from women even if they didn't want sex with me. I would just take it as any other compliment. Sometimes people can take it too far, but most of what I hear being called cat calling, is really pretty innocent. The reason men see these as compliments is because guys want to be sexually objectified. This is the same reason so many guys are sending women pictures of their junk all the time.

    I am sure if we got it everyday all day by hundreds of different women it would get old, but on the flip side, a lot of men almost never even catch a woman checking him out. If women had to go through life feeling that unattractive then she would also love finally getting cat called for a change.

    Male and female sexuality are just different. I don't really see a good solution to this other than for women to ignore those guys, and for most guys to accept that they must be ugly or else women would be complimenting their looks, and checking him out.

  • I'm happy with the way it is.

  • I don't like to be directly complimented, it always strikes me as manipulative and I distrust it. Catcalling is just weird.

  • I've been catcalled several times (you realize catcalling isn't intended to get a positive response, right?)

    As for compliments, whatever. Women compliment simply to be likable and keep social situations smooth. They usually don't mean what they say, so I take it with a grain of salt. More compliments would be equally meaningless.

    Besides, you only have to be on GaG a day or two to see what women really think of men, so compliments aren't exactly going to erase that knowledge.


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