What would you say if a girl told you she's been threw all of this?

When I was 13 years old my aunt died in a horrible car crash she was thrown out the windshield and her truck rolled on top of her and her trial is still going on today. Then a month later after my aunt died my great grandpa died then a week after my 14th birthday my niece died before she was born and all threw this I had to hide my feelings to help my family get threw it and a guy was playing with my feelings because he thought it would be fun. And my old best friend replaced me so I was alone. Now I'm 15 and my parents have been fighting really bad and they might get a divorce and I've had to deal with that by myself. And no one has time for me not even my parents. So I've been depressed for two years now and about six months ago I first dug my nails into my skin until I bled. And I've been doing this off and on, the last time I did this was a week ago. And I've tried to get help and I told my parents I was depressed and they just ignored me.


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  • i have had basically all of that similarly but all in 2015 alone, worst year.

    i would suggest you try to get though to your parents but if that fails go to your doctor who will tell a person in the psychology field and then you will be able to choose many different ways to receive help, either through 1 to 1 chats or sport activities and many others.
    there is plenty of people going through similar circumstances, you are not alone going through this sort of thing and you do not need to be alone.


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