Do you tell people your salary at your job?

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  • The rich and business owners have tried to condition us not to tell anyone how much we make, but it's a simple attempt to take advantage of people's gullibility.

    When you have a job, you are TRADING. you are selling your work for their money. How do you do that if you don't know your worth? THAT'S why owners don't want you to discuss it. THEY know what they pay. They don't want YOU to know what they pay.

    Think about it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes, because I don't make the most there. I'm close to making the most, but I'm not quite there. So there are people equal, less and higher than me.

    It's only $10/hr it's not like I'm making $23/hr to someone else's $8.50/hr


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  • No I was raised with the ethic that it is incredibly rude and inappropriate to discuss.

    • And I still hold the view after watching the video. If someone was happy with what they had in life before and then found out someone made more than them and they became upset it's just proof they're materialistic and only care about money. Life isn't about money. And it's not the companies fault. It's the INDIVIDUALS FAULT for not having the balls to ask for more at wage negotiations. We live in a society where we'd chop our own fingers off before we ever took accountability for our own actions...

    • if you never knew how much people in your field make, and you ask too much you get passed over for someone who will do it for less, I think everyone should know the truth, it brings more unity in the workplace, and less feel like you been taken for granted, and you have more value in the workplace, I know so many people at work who are currently struggling with debt, and if we all didn't make the same amount that struggle would be great and they would have to do more jobs or quit job themselves

    • That's why you research the job before hand and ask the appropriate amount. I don't think it brings unity at all. And the video was dead wrong about employees not holding resentment to each other they absolutely do. I've worked at jobs where people gossiped about each others pay and they held grudges because some got raises and others didn't and they talked shit about them behind their back shortly after learning the info. It is not team building at all.

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