Does my hair-care routine need to change?

My routine goes as such:
1) Mornings, I brush my hair into a pony-tail.
2) Nights that I wash my hair: I use shampoo only by the scalp, then I apply about a quarter sized glob of conditioner and work it into the lower half of my hair and let it sit for two minutes before rinsing. After squeezing out excess water, I comb my hair and put it into a braid overnight.
3) Nights that I don't wash my hair: I brush my hair and either sleep with no ponytail, or in braided pigtails.
I want to start wearing my hair down more often, but it's not super soft so I don't like how it feels on my neck. It reaches to about my shoulders, and is wavy but looks uncontrolled and frizzy. Does something in my routine need to change? Is something missing? In general, if you have ANY suggestions let me know!


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  • Only blow drying will control frizzy hair. No amount of conditioner or brushing will help. You have to eat healthy, take more foods that contain biotin and also take supplements. Your hair is wavy because you put it into braids every night. Hot oil treatments once a while will help in improving the quality of hair.

    • My hair is naturally wavy. I mostly put it in braids to keep it from tangling overnight.

    • Do a got oil treatment once a month and take supplements. It'll improve your hair. But frizziness can be eliminated only by blow drying or straightening both of which are not good for your hair. If you live in a very humid place that'll also make your hair very frizzy.

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  • Do you use any frizz serums? Does your hair tangle easily no matter what brand shampoo and conditioner you use?