How do you workout?

I lift a lot of weights and do cardio at the campus gym, but still can't loose weight. and for breakfast, I eat eggs and (sometimes) pancakes/sausages.

lunch, I eat a chicken/turkey sandwich with tomatoes, onion, and lettuce. same for dinner (or I eat at campus restaurants/pizza).

What can I do? I do cardio for 20 mins and 40 min lifting.

and can't afford to much more gym time due to studying and friends.

And my goal of working out is to lose my Indian pot belly that my beta parents push for. And to attract women/get a gf/lose my v card.


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  • I run 3 miles on the beach every morning and swim for like a hour or more every night...

    • Thanks for MH :)

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  • You can't out train a bad diet.

    The answer is simple. You're eating too much food. Period. If you consume more calories per day than you use, the excess is stored as fat.

    You are doing a perfectly fine amount of exercise. The remaining part of the weight loss formula: drink more water (a LOT more); eat less food; get more sleep.

    • Also, DON'T drink your calories. Do you drink soda? STOP. Water instead.

    • Ignore inuyasha. Everyone has a different calorie requirement to maintain their current weight. Not everyone should be having the same amount of food. 1800 calories may cause weight loss in some people but weight gain in others.

      And there's nothing magical about protein shakes. You don't need them. That's people falling for supplement companies' marketing b. s..

      Research basal metabolic rate. Find your own BMR. If you want to lose weight, consume about 500 fewer calories per day than your BMR. (There is active and resting bar, research those too. There are plenty of free online calculators to help you too.)

    • I eat two slices of sandwiches (plus get hungry commo nly after a hard day of studying).

      and at home, my parents feed me a shit ton of fatty Indian food

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  • I just swim and play basketball


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  • friendly sparring always gets my rocks off

  • There's 3000 calories in one pound of fat. So you should be eating somewhere around 1800 a day. Only thing else I could recommend is to invest in a quality protien shake, because muscle tends to burn more fat.

  • separate lifting and cardio days unless you aren't natty

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