How did you meet your current pet?

Whatever pet it may be: dog, cat, or triceratops, how did you meet? Did you adopt? Did you get to take it from a litter? What was it like? How did you feel when you first met?

My current pet, if you can ever call a cat "yours," was really more my wife's cat. The cat loved my wife and she loved it. When my wife died, the cat kind of looked at me and said, "Meh, you'll do." Actually that's too harsh on my cat. I love my wife's cat and she loves me. She would sit on my lap when my wife was alive, but it was clear she preferred the attention of my wife. Now that she's gone, the cat sits on my lap when I watch TV or listen to music. Every night when I put her to bed (she must be put in the kitchen or she will meow her head off at all hours of the morning), I hold her and pet her and she loves it.

I met her in 1999 when I came down for breakfast AND FOUND HER IN MY SEAT! She was sitting in my chair, eating some food my wife had put out for her. When I asked about the cat, my wife confessed she had been feeding her every day for the past week or so, and that morning she took her inside and dried her off (it was raining). The cat started coming around more and more. She was, and is, the sweetest cat. She would purr even if you just looked at her. Soon after, my wife asked to take her to the vet, get her fixed and vaccinated, bought her a collar and a bed, and after that it was her cat, I mean our cat.


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  • That's really cute and brought a tear to my eye.

    My dog, she was going to be abandoned but my brother told his friend to give her to him. I was actually still afraid of pitbulls at this time. So I admit I didn't like her much. But she loved me. And she'd always come to me, so very quickly I warmed up to her. I've been through hell and back for this dog, and I'm still willing to do more for her.
    She's very maternal and sweet and extremely protective. Especially of "victims", babies and children, and me of course :)
    She's my baby. I've had her since 2007.

    My cat, he's my precious too. My sister's neighbors were just gonna throw him out on the street because he's all black and people seem to be afraid of black cats or don't like them :/
    So I took him in and he's like the sweetest cats I've ever had. He just doesn't like kids, but neither do I lol
    I had another cat who passed away. My niece found her in the dumpster and begged my sister to keep her. So she did.
    RIP Tiger.

    My other kittens, I'm technically just fostering them for now. But I don't want to give them away because they're so precious! These are the most loving kittens ever! :3

    • If I may ask, why were you afraid of pit bulls?

      Our dog when I was growing up was very protective of my niece when she was a baby. That dog even dug a nest when my sister was pregnant.

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  • I got my little friend from a pet hospital. It was totally by chance, actually, as I had been at the grocery store doing shopping when I saw a sign about "Kittens!" across the street.

    So I went over to the pet hospital just to look and play with some kittens, because why not? And I saw a little black cat in the corner all by himself. He was looking around with these little blue eyes, just wishing for some attention.

    The rescue volunteer told me that he was the runt of his litter and that since he was black, nobody was taking him. He was just two days from going to the county shelter, which would have pretty much been a death sentence.

    I picked the little guy up and he purred, so I took him home.


    • May you bring each other many more years of happiness.

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    • When I heard "Milo," the first thing that came to mind was the junk yard owner who had that dog, Chopper, in the movie Stand by Me.

    • @DodgersGM I like your little story and your little black Kitty :- )

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  • I have a few... Sonny, Nick, Juke, Jag, and Cat. I'll tell you about Sonny since he's my baby.

    Sonny, the love of my life (don't tell my man haha) is my horse.
    Just look at that handsome devil <3

    Anyway, we met because my first horse, C. J. (a retired Arabian show horse) passed away at the age of 27. And two years later, having sworn off horses completely, I sheepishly approached my parents and told them I couldn't stand it, I NEEDED another horse. Had to have one.

    We put feelers out to find one. I test rode a few but none really fit. My mom's friend offered to let me ride her horse for the summer. I test rode him out on the trails. The friend said that she knew I liked to go fast so she and I raced our horses so I could see how fast he was. And holy goodness :D <3

    I brought him home to ride for the summer and got super attached. I was really sad when summer came to a close because I'd have to send him back and find a new horse... but my parents surprised me and bought him for me and he's been my baby ever since.

  • D'awwww those are really sweet stories! It sounds like you found some really great pets!

    I got my cat as a birthday/Christmas present in 2010. My dad and one of my sisters picked her out at the shelter. Supposedly her mom had been found on the street and kept in a foster home until the kittens were ready to be adopted. But I kind of wonder if my sister got the story straight because the poor cat is super nervous and is afraid of weird things like brooms and oven mitts even after living in the lap of luxury for four years.

    She's always been my little baby though. She was so tiny! She fit in one of my hands! And she couldn't even jump up on the bed XD I had to make little stairs for her everywhere XD

  • Kind of rescued both of my pets. My rabbit was rescued. My dog was also rescued. If not, they would of been put down. Mostly because the previous owner just let them breed, and the neighbours complained to the council. So it was give them to a good home or put them down.

  • My first cat I met through my dad. He got her from a garage and at the time my parents were separated. My mom took my sister and I to his house and when we got inside my dad was standing in the living room with a little kitten that had a red ribbon tied in a bow around her neck. She was soooooo cute and still is. <3

    I met my two other cats also through my dad. We went to our cousins house one night after he had met cats she was fostering and we fell in love with them at first site. We played with them for a couple of visits to her house and finally my dad announced that we were gonna adopt that. My sister and I were thrilled.

  • Well, I'm not gonna talk about the cats, stories too complicated when it comes to them xD

    However, we bought our dog Lemon. He was the last one left from his litter. And I LOOOOOVE him. He was a bit timid at first, but now he's used to everything ☺❤ Turned 4 months old recently.

  • My neighbours asked me to babysit their kids cause the husband and wife wanted to have a date night once a week so I babysat their kids and when I first go the job, they told me to put the dog out every couple of hours so it could poop. After my babysitting session was over I told my parents I wanted a dog so they called the neighbours and asked them where they got their dog from. My neighbours tested me in a very long phone interview to make sure I would be a good owner for the dog. When they were satisfied that I would take care of the dog properly, they gave me the breeder's phone number and we drove 4 hours to pick him up on the ranch that he lived on and drove back home. When I first got him, my mother would not leave me the house because she said our dog had recently been separated from his mother and was very lonely so for one week I was home for 8 hours a day playing with my new dog.

    • Your dog seems lucky to have you.

    • I hope so! He gets separation anxiety so I hope he can survive when we go on vacation this year.

  • Found my skinny cat (at the time, a kitten) wandering outside of a bar, following the chef around whenever the chef went outside for a smoke break. Me being like fourteen at the time, I cried and whined at my parents until they let me take him home and now he's fat old man.

    Bought my dog as a puppy out of the back of a pick up truck in the parking lot of the pet store I would unknowingly work at in the future.

    • My wife's cat has a bit of a gut herself. Don't tell her I said that.

  • I bought my Doberman from a breeder and my Greyhound is from a breed specific rescue that re-homes retired racers. He had a pretty decent racing career, but now he spends his days lying on my feet sleeping when I'm watching TV.

    My hedgehog came from a friend of my brother. He's still pretty active but he's getting on.

    • My friend's parents adopted a former racing dog. Sweetest animal I know... aside from my cat, of course.

      What's the life expectancy of a hedgehog?

    • About 4 or 5 years on average. Mine is nearly 4 years old.

      And yeah, greyhounds are such sweet natured dogs. They're also quite lazy!

  • I have a dwarf hamster named Chi Chi. We got her for free for my little sister's 13th birthday. She was trying to win a rabbit at school but lost so we decided to get her a hamster instead.

  • I found my cats outside when they were all kittens 😊 my family kept all three

  • My dad got her for me, and ever since we've been attached to the hip. She's my little purse dog and I take her everywhere

    12 years laters and she is still my best friend.

    • Awesome. I wish you both many more years of happiness.

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