I messed up terribly, what should I do?

Through a game, I met this girl. Currently, in the real world, I had a crush with someone else. I told her about my crush, and she kept begging me to tell my crush that I liked her, and I never did. A few days later, I messed up and said something wrong, for the second time. I told her about the problems I had and how I felt, and she ignored me and said: "Go Tell (Crush's Name)." She finally pitied me after a while, and we were back to being friends as usual. I told her how I lied to her during the conversation, saying about how I wasn't depressed and how she wasn't my only friend, and I told her how I acknowledged this and how sorry I was for manipulating her into pity. She said to me that she never wanted to speak to me again, ever. I feel terrible now, and I want to make things right, so that I won't be remembered by her and her family as the jackass. What should I do?


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  • Focus on the girl you know in real life.


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