Why are (some) gay people so annoying all of a sudden?

I don't know what's up with some of them, but they get all defensive and accuse you of all sorts. They also ask you to question your sexuality.

I said I felt awkward when I see gay people kissing. Just as much as I do when two straight people kiss. And the guy tells me that I feel indifferent yet "awkward" which doesn't make sense.

He literally put words in my mouth and then calls ME defensive when I tell him I'm happy being a straight male!


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  • I was accused of being homophobic when a gay guy hit on me. He grabbed my ass and I was really close to decking him. I was labeled as a homophobe because I was sexually harassed and stood up for myself, I still can't understand it.

    • That really isn't surprising...

    • If the roles were reversed, he'd be praised.

    • I know. It's what pisses me off.

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