Could he still have leftover feelings for me?

i guess i still may have some leftover feelings for him. I met him last year at work and at first, he would act really weird with me. he came off as a fuckboy. i hated that but istarted to like him after talking to him for a bit but i was scared to give in and i didn't know how. i thought he just wanted to get in my pants.

in the beginning of the year, we hung out with coworkers and we got really drunk. we ended up hugging a lot and he held me and said some things but the next day at work i acted like i didn't remember. i blacked out for most of it but i remember parts. but until this day, i act like i dont remember anything and everytime i say that, he looks angry.

so i guess i acted dumb and he took it as disinterest and he got a girlfriend. i was devasted and i tried to move on. there was so much tension after that, he thought i hated him. i felt bad so i tried to be nice. he ended up becoming my supervisor. i learned to set my feelings aside and we get along now. we actually talk more than before. we think alike. and he's finally starting to figure me out. he knows how to get a reaction out of me, and he is attentive to all my actions and is actually getting pretty good at reading me. not a lot of people can. also, i overheard him tell someone that he did want me but i didn't want him.

he used to be touchy before all this and he is starting to do it again. he smiles whenever he sees me and he trusts me. he is also hugging me again. and he tells me i'm so cute. he also gets touchier when the guy he knows i like is around.

he tells my best friend a lot about his relationship. he is pretty much grateful for what she does for him and he cares for her but it doesn't really sound like he is in love with her.

i dont want to get involved but i always wonder if maybe he still has feelings for me. if he ever did. and if thats why he is acting weird lately. i mean its been almost a year since this all went down. maybe he never moved on?


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  • It sounds like he still does have feelings for you. You should be encouraged to act on this feelings you both have! Good luck!


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