Who was Americas Greatest president?

Franklin Roosevelt my choice
Who was Americas Greatest president?Abraham Lincoln

George Washington

Ronald Reagan

John Kennedy

  • Franklin Roosevelt
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  • Abraham Lincoln
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  • George Washington
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  • Ronald Reagan
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  • John Kennedy
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  • George bush Out of curiosity
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  • Barak Obama out of curiosity
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  • I would say JFK but he was cut down in his prime but what a great president he was while he lasted.

    • Thank You :)

    • Kennedy was sort of a warmonger with the Bay of Pigs Invasion and the assassination attempts on Castro. The irony is that despite how much Republicans are labeled warmongers, they haven't started a war since Spain in the 1890s.

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  • The greatest President in my time had to be Regan as far as I can ski it. I didn't know Kennedy as he died before I was born

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    • @JRICHARDS1996 They're polar opposite, dude. Bush Blows them up, both of them while Obama practically makes friends with the terrorists. I just sent this to another on this page. Tax dollars for terrorist groups. On a Friday night in April of 2012, it was revealed that Barack Obama bypassed Congress in order to send $192 million in aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA). Funding for the PA had been frozen by Congress after PA President Mahmoud Abbas requested that the United Nations recognize a Palestinian state. Obama claimed his waiver was important to the national security of the United States. A bizarre claim indeed since his actions came just months after the terrorist group Hamas became a partner with the PA.

    • I take it you watch a lot of fox news lol

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  • Richard Nixon

    Hear me out.

    Nixon represents an era before the Republican Party became so staunchly conservative but was actually more moderate, centrist, and possessed fiscal credibility. Despite the economy never prospering under him, he saved it from a total meltdown due to the mess he inherited. At least in that regard, he was similar to Barack Obama. But he also started the Environmental Protection Agency, opened up relations with the People's Republic of China, ended the Vietnam war and started some of the first affirmative action programs, peacefully resolved racial conflicts in the South and lowered the voting age to 18, and paved the way for professional female sports.

    I think Nixon genuinely had integrity. I've read a lot of his autobiographies and he had it tough growing up. And while in office, he struggled a lot with introversion and shyness. I don't think that he was a bad person as much as that he was simply unfit for some of the tasks that the office involved, hence his later downfall. However, it was noble of him to willingly take the entire rap for Watergate by resigning when he easily could have blamed it on others in his office.

    • If Obama was anything like Nixon he would resign his presidency and throw himself in jail for that matter.

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    • @sluggognatface That is fair enough. I respect consistency even if I disagree with it. No president has been perfect, including Nixon, but I do believe that he accomplished some good. As that other guy stated, supporting McCarthy was horrible. In fact, I believe the precedent set by McCarthyism is probably responsible for the slow loss of our rights that is occurring today by our government in the name of the "War on Terror" and PATRIOT Act.

    • Absolutely it set that precedent. Dick Cheney was also involved with that crap starting with Nixon to Bush.

  • Teddy Roosevelt

  • Lincoln forsure. Abolished slavery.. disputed the majority of americans and their radical views and successfully followed through with it. Even though he was assassinated. That whole era was pretty gnarly.. Civil war.. post civil war.

  • Abraham Lincoln.
    Even though he bypassed the Constitution, we'll just ignore that for now.

  • Ronald Reagan. Not only was he the greatest president of the United States, but he is also my personal hero.


  • Reagan most certainly will go down as a top ten worst president in 50 or 100 years from now but my pick would be FDR or Truman.

    • @sean1234 I lived in that time period, knew of the coke coming in and how it came in, saw the hearings and read the transcripts of the Iran Contra scandal. Hell even John Kerry got where he is because of what he knew. Also Reagan's policies would be considered way left if he was president today. I love I get blocked for stating facts @byron :P

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    • ... and?

    • The traditional American idea was that people own the government.

      -Actually, it's more like... "the people are the government" not the people own it. I guess there's a fine line there.

  • Ronald Reagan without a doubt.

    • Reagan was a Traitor,
      His involvement in the Iran Contra Affair was nothing short of an act of high treason
      he should have been impeached and subsequently faced the gas chamber

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    • Excellent crazy stuff.

    • @sluggognatface How would you know... you didn't watch it.

  • Barack Obama because he is black