Ever been "adopted" by a culture different than your own?

I'm an American black man, and I have been adopted by Asian people.
They try to teach everything about it, down to the language. It's freaking awesome.
Hispanic is a close second.

Have you ever felt that way?

I wanted to be clear. What I mean by "adopted", is that I have friends and co-workers that I'm closer with their culture and they see me as family, even though I never grew up in their culture.


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  • Yeah, I'd say so. My neighborhood I grew up in was mostly black and West Indian, and everybody showed me love. Then I went to high school with a bunch of suburban white dudes and half of them didn't like me😂 It was the early and mid-90s, Eminem wasn't out yet so it wasn't cool yet for white kids to listen to rap and wear baggy clothes and shit, hahaha.

  • Yes. Was born black, raised by white culture, now like all sorts of white things.