Unique Baby Names?

I really love those unique, weird, word names.. They have to be word names! My most favorite is True. I'm going to name my 1st son True. I know it's weird, when I told my family this they didn't like it, but that was 3 years ago.. Now they just love it! It's one of those names you just have to get use to. I also want about 4 to 6 kids. I know a lot right? But I want to birth some and adopt the rest. I think that's pretty reasonable.. maybe
Anyway.. The names vary.. like Royal, Bravery, Honest, Honor, Faith, Joy, Bless, Secret, Etc.. But the name I really like is Worthy for a boy.. But my family disagrees with that name because, they say it's like saying that your child is over or better than everyone.. But I don't see it in that way at all.. I see it as special and strong.. Like a leader.. I LOVE that name.. But True is my most Favorite! I Adore that name!
Is there any other unique word names that you could suggest? And what do you think about the name worthy, what does it mean to you?

Oh and What about the name King aswell I love that name too?


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  • You are amusing and entertaining yourself with this game but your child will need to live with their name for 70-80-90 years. People with unusual names have problems all of their lives. When you select a name for a child, it should be something that will be good for them, not just for you.

    • Well actually.. No I take names seriously.. I don't just choose names because they sound pretty or because they are popular.. No that's something I would and will never do... I choose names because of there meaning to me.. And what better way than to do that is by having the the words that mean the most to me... True for example.. I LOVE that name because of the meaning to me.. And because of it's uniqueness.. And I believe my son will really love his name.. And if he doesn't he is more welcomed to change it I'm fine with it... My cousin name is Bless and after hearing what her name means to her mother she learned to embrace it.. She loves her name... Everyone that know her knows she own her name... It fits her

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  • i like reading your post :) tho i don't have any suggestions. All you listed are great. Indeed True takes time to get use to, it sounds like Drew too! haha I guess among the words that ring a bell moment for me is Bless, Royal and Secret definitely unique.

    My brothers' names are unique too, combination of my parent's name while mine is pretty standard lol. i still like it tho.

    King is like a princess for a girl i guess with names.
    I have a niece named Cassiopeia. I like her name.

    • I said that when I first heard the name True.. And My cousin name is Bless.. She loves her name and my old friend name is Secret she loves her name as well and I like the name royal.. But what do you think about the name Worthy?

    • the first time i read worthy in your post, i thought his/her parents must have love their baby so much. then when i read other things... yeah, it can cause some unwanted social response at some point in the future. overall, it is a good name.

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  • You know most names are just words in that language, like Aaron means exalted.
    So, use words as names, like I'd name my son "Strength of purpose" or something.


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