Should I feel bad?

After getting hit head on and having my car tolled, I've been looking for a new ride. Recently my grandad found a car that HE is in love with. I drove it, and it's nice. But there is loose bolting (?) In the steering wheel, making driving somewhat scary and jerky, and the power seats don't work. This is a problem for someone with short legs. Not to mention the inside is pretty ugly - - the outside is gorgeous though. I'm glad he's thinking about me, but a mini SUV is not something I really want. I found a Ford Fusion that I absolutely adore. I felt like Jesus walking on water it drives so smoothly. And everything works and is in good condition for a used car.

The problem is I don't want to hurt my grandad's feelings. This is my money were using, but he really wants this SUV for me. I'm just not loving it like he does. :/ What can I tell him to avoid hurting him?


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  • Can you suggest you keep looking? The steering issue sounds dangerous. Used cars don't have to be dangerous!