Is there software that prevents the wrong names from being sent within an email?

For example, if I'm emailing to Jane but I thoughtessly type in the wrong client name or wrong spouse name, it doesn't reflect well on the company.

But, if there was software that could help prevent wrong names associated with a particular client, we would appear more professional and personable.

Does anything like that exist?


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  • I don't think so. That's why we need to proofread our emails, just like any other document in the job. You should always proofread things that you write or type. After all, your mind can play tricks on you either way. Best to be sure than to send it and look like a complete idiot or asshole.

    • Sometimes proof-reading isn't an issue. If you aren't familiar with a new client and you honestly thought their spouse's name was Jane instead of Margaret. The CRM software email would be able to catch that hypothetically if it had a way to "catch" outgoing emails and alert you "are you sure you meant Jane instead of Margaret?" A CRM software would have all the correct client info in it. It seems like it could theoretically work.

    • No, proof-reading is the issue. Or at least double-checking. CRM software could work... as long as the correct client info is updated. This information still needs to be manually updated in some way.

  • I don't think it is practically possible to create any such software.

    • I don't think it would be impossible. Like if you had a CRM software that had all your client info in it... and you sent emails out from it. Then... say if you said "Dear Tom" and the client was actually "Brad", then it could "alert" you "Did you mean to say Tom instead of Brad?" before you could click "send".

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    • Having said that, a question very well worth asking. So I hope someone does come up with a good tip.

    • haahaa! Mr Ben D Over. Thankfully, we haven't made that mistake yet :)

  • Thats impossiblee


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