This is my first experince in NY which hotel do you think is better? If none which one do you recommend?

Millennium Broadway Hotel Times Square


The Premier Hotel New York


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  • New York is freaking amazing you're gonna love it! and I haven't been to neither one of them but as closer you are to Manhattan and all the action, as better it gets.

    • So its a good area? Im excited to visit ny

    • I don't know about the actual hotel, but in Manhattan you get a lot of action and if you're on vacation, you better stay as close as you can. Everyday is a brand new exciting say in Manhattan and you can never know what's gonna happen. One day there's this almost naked weird yet amusing cowboy with huge boots, in another day you find a breakdance show at the middle of Times Squear, and it's just never stops! I came back for New York a week ago after being there for a month and a half and it smells, looks & feels like you're in a place where dreams & movies connect each other.

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  • I have a good memories of the Pennsylvania hotel on Madison Square. (Not a 4* or 5*, more a budget hotel !)

    • How about these two hotels are they in good area?

    • Times Square area is busy but l wasn't impressed by it. I don't know the other.

      I'll try some place in Greenwich village next time (or the Penn again)
      Anyhow, hotel prices in Manhattan are completely bonkers. :-p

    • The Premier is also near Times Square according to