Why does my lecturer always stare at me & studies my activities that is not related to the subject?

I have this professor at uni, who always stares at me & makes eye contact while he is speaking during lecture. He is a very nice, friendly and funny guy as he makes everyone smile. However, when he tells jokes to the class he always stare at me and says as if he is only speaking to me. He also smiles at me a lot. He always picks on my activities such as who I am talking to & who I am hugging and makes comments.. For example one time after a group presentation I went and hugged one of my friend near the exit & he was staring & smiling at me hence I was quiet. Later he gave each of the group members feedback about their performance, however he just said to me that "I see you were hugging which was very unprofessional and was laughing". But I don't understand how it is unprofessional because it was outside the presentation. He always picks & jokes with me during seminars & I always laugh at his jokes. He also looks at my hair & outfit and specially can't stop staring at my eyes.. I feel really awkward. Also His jokes are very personal such as if I can't stand in one place I start moving he picks on me saying "look at u dancing, can't wait to go home ey" etc. He is very helpful in terms of my education, but he treats me very different. I am a very cheerful, immature and happy girl, but I don't understand there are many other girls & he never jokes or picks on them.. don't know why he always picks on me. Therefore I would ask u guys that do u think he is attracted to me? Thanks in advance for all ur comments :)


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  • I honestly think he is attracted to you and so he watches all your movements. And when he comments on your interactions that'd because he's jealous. That's what it sounds like to me

    • Hi, I agree with you. Also it's hard for me to even be myself & talk to my friends because it feels like a CCTV watching me & later make comments lol...

    • Yeah that's honestly creepy, in my opinion. I would just be polite but just kind of Block his comments out

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