What would you think if all of a sudden one of your crushes from a long time ago messaged you?

There's this guy who liked me when we were in school. After I noticed I kinda liked this person too but we never actually talked. We only follow each other on social media lol I was thinking of messaging him but I don't know how he would respond 😑😖😂


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  • I wouldn't message her back. If that bitch couldnt like me in high school then there is no way she deserves to be with me later on. I am an awesome guy now, and all those girls that shut me down in high school can go suck a big one because, I'm handsome, I have money, I'm smart, and I am more successful then most of the other guys they went for. If they messaged me I wouldn't message back, if they came crawling up to my doorstep looking to get together with me I would laugh in their faces and slam the door on them. If they were blind to how great of a guy I was in high school then I am not going to get over that, I'll go find a better girl who respects me from the beginning.

    • Yeah I see what you mean but I don't think that's the same scenario for me since I also liked him while we were in school we were just shy to talk to each other.

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