When moving: do you buy things before or after?

Say it's your first time moving out ever, so you own... nothing. You don't have ANY furniture to your name. Would / did you slowly buy things while saving up to move out, or did / would you move out and then buy the furniture you need?

If you buy things while saving up to move out, and you're living with your parents, where do / did you store the furniture you bought? Did / do you rent a place to store it or were / are your parents lenient on letting you keep it around their house until you could / can afford to move?


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  • I was after - Get the money saved for where you are going to live - Get place then in this order absolute necessities, necessities and after that anything I fancy as money becomes available,


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  • If I were you i'd buy the place and once you own it you can measure the walls and floors to help you out with what furniture to buy, its just smarter. Also, if you buy stuff beforehand you're making an extra stop, then you'd have to drop that stuff of somewhere and THEN get a moving truck or something to take it to your home, rather than the opposite or just having it shipped straight to your home. But congrats on moving out! I'm still dreaming of getting my own cozy little apartment once I graduate.


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  • All you NEED is a lawn chair and something to sleep on.
    Save up for the place first.

    • No, you misread I guess. I would save up while buying things. It would be spaced out purchases of the necessities.

      VS putting a deposit down on an apartment and then not having anything to cook food with / on, or anywhere to sleep, or sit. Because I have to budget even more closely due to the added bill of having... rent to pay. So things would be purchased at a much much slower rate.

      I don't knowwwww

    • Look, there are very few things you NEED in an apartment.
      Pot, pan, one big spoon, one fork, one knife, one normal spoon. Microwave isn't strictly necessary.
      Living room/area:
      Something to sit on. Can be anything, you don't need a Lazy boy.
      Anything you're comfortable sleeping on. This will inevitably be your most expensive purchase. You don't strictly need a frame and box springs, but an honest to god mattress is almost a must have.
      It all comes down to what you want here J.
      Do you want to move out as quickly as possible regardless of comfort/extravagance in your new place, or do you want to wait a lot longer so that you'll have most of the same things you do now?
      It's up to you, but the more stuff you decide you "need," the longer you're going to be at home with your dad telling you to get a second job to add four more hours to a forty hour work week.

    • *microwave isn't strictly necessary AND may be included as an appliance in some apartments*

  • I've never moved, but I'm about to probably soon. I'd like to move in first and buy shit off. That sounds like the more lazy route in which I tend to go. I mean I got some shit right now stored in our storage room, but I'll buy more shit when I get into a place. I'm not that hard to please when it comes to stuff like that. I'll probably "spice up" my place over time instead of buying a bunch of shit and then be too damn broke to even eat. F that. Might as well just save up and spend a little at a time.

    That's me though. I didn't know you had two cats.

    • Yeah. I'm a pre-planner. So, I'm tempted to buy the necessities first and spaced out - so it's not a big chunk of money gone all at once - and then continuously save while doing that.

      But my hot headed dad might not be too keen on me storing a dining table and chairs or a couch or something in his house when I don't have a set in stone move date. So, it's eh.

      And I only have one... ?

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    • Laaaaaaaammeeee

    • Lol. Yeah. I tend to say some corny stuff sometimes. Oh well.

  • Some houses come with the furniture... so it depends on the house you buy

    • House? Joke. It'll be an apartment.

    • Yeah, some apartments do too... worry about paying the deposit and having something to sit/sleep on first

    • Yeah but typically furnished apartments are going to be more expensive than non-furnished apartments, yes?

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  • I bought furniture beforehand for the most part. Some things didn't get delivered until I moved into th place, like the mattress. Most things were in boxes, though, that weren't too bad to pack and carry in. The furniture was just built once in the house.

  • Never buy things before you move. Save up for both the move and the stuff. Decorate based on the space you rent/buy.