Love or Obsession? also what did you think he felt?

I've liked this guy for a relally long time. we are the same age. I told him I liked him awhile ago but he didn't know what he felt towards me.. then a year later almost every day he talked to me, a few year later we talked to each other and I usually initated the conversation, he initiated 2 times. one of the times he was reminicing old times. then we didn't talk for awhile so I decided to message him asking him how he was and all. Then he asked me if I want to kiss him and I said sure then he asked if i drink or smoke.. So then a week later he invites me over to his house and told me no one is home.. he usually responds quickly. In school, when I was around and was just kind of quiet around me

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  • He is not obsessed with you at all. Sounds like he is indifferent.

    • sorry I meant if I was in love or obsessed?

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  • Isn't love an obsession?


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