Car down payment help?

I want a car that is $24k
not sure what best APR is to do.
dont want to pay more than $155 ish a month.
Have it for at least 4.5 years.

best amount for down payment?


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  • You would have to tell us the APR.

    ... You're fucked.

    • i guess 2.9

    • like you could tell me different prices with different APRs.

    • The problem is that you can't just list an APR because the length of the loan matters as well and it's construction since certain loans require additional payments to be made and some apply to the principal first (as constructed) and others interest first (the norm) based on credit and all sorts of agreements including if you are actually just going to agree to return the car.

      You may as well lease the thing at a 4.5 year life.

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