What's going on with me?

For the past 3 months or so I had fallen for a friend of mine that I hooked up with a couple times this time last year and then she said she just wants to be friends because she said I'm her best friend and she loves me like that and never wants to lose me but it hit me like a bullet and I've been soo emotionally unstable and about a month ago I have finally gotten over my love for her and we are still best friends but since I got over her it feels like I don't have any emotion at all like I just feel numb and when I finally do actually have a real smile the rare time I do this month it always makes me choke back tears when I actually smile and I don't know why like I'm not sad or anything I don't feel any emotion I just tear up when I have a real smile... Any ideas on what's going on? I don't think it's depression because I'm not sad I'm just numb/empty like I don't feel anything


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  • Apathy is a symptom of depression.

    • Any way to find it if its depression?

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    • thanks but I'm going to pass on that

    • Then see a medical professional.