How can I calm my boyfriend when he's scared?

Me and my boyfriend are visiting his family for Christmas he's scared because he saw on the news where there have been tornadoes going on all day. At least around here the worst part they said is over now just some thunder and lighting. We're in northern Ohio the storms are out in Indiana and on out west some in the south. We're at his grandmas house his grandma has a basement but he's still scared I don't think we'll have anymore storms till the weekend. It's supposed to calm down by midnight. We're in bed now he's super scared to go to sleep. He doesn't even want to turn the lamp off he's really that scared. How can I comfort him?


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  • Oh I'd not be very good at that.

    I have a horrible tendency to get extremely sarcastic and my dry humor comes out in situations like that.

    If you get fed up with him then just say, "If we die, we'll die together, now pipe down and go to sleep!"

    Logic him out of his fear. Tell him that the tornadoes are out west and south. Tell him you're perfectly safe.

    I'm in Michigan and we have a bunch of crazy ass wind happening right now (maybe due to the tornadoes down south) but stay up till midnight to see if it calms down... then slip him a sleeping pill and put him to bed.

  • Your boyfriend seems to be scared of too much. He may need to see someone to find out the root of all his fears.


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