Why are the YouTube subscribers the personal bulldogs/body guards of the video maker-especially in the comment section?

I recently started liking, commenting, and basically getting active on youtube. But I can't comment on a video without brown nosers commenting on my comment. Why are these people so lifeless? And everyone takes offense to everything. It's like you have to put 50 smiley faces and 30 stupid lols, to make people see you aren't attacking.

My rant about the bulldogs of youtube is over.

  • I've noticed this-wars started in comments over nothing
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  • I'm not very active in the comments on youtube
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  • I haven't noticed this, I am also a brown noser :^)
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  • I have noticed that if you report the comoment, it disappears. Try reporting it and see if it works.

    And yeah this is very typical on YouTube. Especially since parents forget to censor adult YouTube for their younglings.


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  • There are users on this site who are eager to jump in and criticize every time I express an opinion with which they disagree. I am conservative and it seems that some of the liberal users are not very tolerant of diversity of thought.

    • Touche, I've probably jumped in on my fair share of answers on here. I feel like the dynamic of GaG begs for back and forth though.

    • I understand the person asking the question responding to my opinion. What I don't need is bystanders jumping in to tell me that my shit is fucked up just because they disagree with me.

    • Hmm, I see where you're coming from.

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