Did political correctness get so bad that people want to go to the opposite extreme and just offend everybody?


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  • That's a very good way of putting it.


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  • Political correctness and the thought police have reached new heights of absurdity. The government refuses to look at the Facebook page of prospective immigrants/potential terrorists because of concern for their privacy!

    • Political correctness has gotten out of hand but should it just go out the window entirely and everybody goes around calling people ni**ers, spics, faggots, etc?

    • The absence of political correctness does not mean that rudeness should reign supreme. Political correctness is like having a misguided lynch mob for morals. Disbanding the lynch mob does not mean that we will no longer have justice.

    • I think pc has done more harm than good and may backfire in that way.

  • Yep, many political incorrect post are trolls.

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