If blackholes suck in light?

If black hole suck in light, then doesn't that mean there is more inward pull than the speed of light. Therefore the speed of light is faster when being pulled into a black hole?

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  • no because the gravity around a black hole is so intense the it bends the fabric of space-time meaning that time slows down the nearer you are to a black hole. So when light passes near a black hole it bends and slows down in the fabric of space-time and gets sucked towards the black hole.

    • sorry it doesn't slow down. its speed remains the same. but it appears to be going slower relative to an outside observer.

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    • Ya.. Relativity is a bitch... Lol.. But from the perspective of the light beam, wouldn't it speed up... And im talking after the event horizon... Im trying to disprove the "speed limit" of the universe.. 😣... But ya, i forgot about how time slows with speed..

    • Well to my understanding it doesn't, but im not a physicist so i dont know. i heard that if the speed of light was exceeded that it would be possible to time travel. dont ask me about the detail, but thats what i read somewhere.

  • i think it would go the same speed just in a different direction than was originally

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