I feel chemistry with her. Is it possible it's mutual?

There's this girl I've become acquaintance with and I feel very strong chemistry with her. The sort that is drawing me to her. I've felt this way with a girl before and the attraction was reciprocated back then.

Anyway, we were having a group discussion with this other girl who is a total bitch. Seriously, no one likes her, she's just an unhelpful ****.

So at any point we spoke, we would look directly into eachothers eyes and we wouldn't look away. We would smile a lot too. At other points, when we weren't even speaking, we end up looking at eachother for 4-5 seconds and smiling then looking away.

It feels like a magnet pulling me towards her. I'm so comfortable with her already and it's driving me insane. She's incredibly cute/bubbly, pretty much my ideal girl. I'd love to take her out on a date.

Is there a way of determine whether the chemistry is returned, without having to ask her out quite yet?


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  • Umm unless ya hear rumors about her thinking that you're creepy or something, the chemistry is probably there. So you may as well start the flirting and eventually ask her out.

    Every time I've been in a situation like that. I've always told the girl that "you know you gone be my girl by the end of the day, right?" and it has always happened on its own just like that. Cuz we enjoyed each other's company (via chemistry).

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