How do you flirt over text?

So I'm talking to a guy but I never flirt over text. I would but I have no idea how. Help! by the way the guy is older than me and I don't want to come on too strong.


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  • Joke a lot, a combination of dark and slightly sexual jokes seems to work best for me. With jokes, you can use lots of flirty smileys without it being creepy. For example I sent an epic burn to a guy, he reacted offended and I sent a kissing smiley. His reaction: why on earth do I still like you.

    You could also talk friendly and try to get to know each other. Ask questions, let him open up about himself. Different kind of flirting, more focussed at building a connection.

    Combining those two with being awesome in real life can get him interested in you.


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