Cat damage furniture -what to do?

my cat damage sofa, as u can see from the pic... how to make her bahave nicely and dont do such things?

cat damage furniture -what to do?


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  • Keep a spray bottle nearby and when the cat starts scratching the couch spray her.

    Make sure you also have a clearly designated scratching post where it's good for her to scratch. Reward her with treats when she uses the scratching post.

    You HAVE to be consistent with all this. If you're not, she won't learn right from wrong.


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  • Do not own cats and you will be fine.

    • i own her already, so keep those advice to urself

    • I mean you cannot train cats to behave better.. they will always act like the world belongs to them

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  • You have to correct her every time she does this.. I know theyre not like dogs and probably can't be trained equally however maybe this will work

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