Do you ever regret something so much you just want to cry/ what are some of your regrets?

I was thinking about 2016 almost beig here and it made me think about all te things I regret that happened in 2015. It's mostly happened in this Semster that I really regret stuff. Like not making a move to a guy I like when he liked me back. Talking to one guy just because my mom told me too. Not hanging out with all the guys after the football games. They are going to graduate this year so I won't ever get I do it again. What are some of your regrets that appended this year?


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  • Ugh.

    I had a dream last night... I was at a local store, and I saw a girl I knew from college. First girl I ever actually loved, and who failing with is my deepest regret, even though I haven't even seen her for two, three years. In the dream I just felt a massive wave of despair and regret and loneliness... knowing there really was no chance, no way to regain what might have been. And I just stood there for a moment, and saw her walk by and leave, not noticing me.

    And then I woke up. There was no simple message, no magical solution possible, outside of a dream, no way to recapture the time or what was lost.

    But you are awake.


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  • I regret a conversation where I was told some of the most hurtful things ever and said some things in defense that were pretty disgusting too.
    If i could go back in time i would erase that conversation or not have had it at all. It was nothing but toxic :(

    • Sounds awful. Sorry

    • yeah but thats life and everything hurts for a while until it doesn't

    • i try not to regret anything to be honest cause everything is a learning experience and even that toxic conversation was one, just a hard lesson lol

  • I went through a long period of regret after losing my virginity.

    • really? thats sad. I was a little depressed after losing mine too but because it was so bad and the guy and i were fighting right before we did it smh lol which is kind of crazy.
      but like a week later i was fine

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    • Oh. I'm sorry. 😭

    • It's ok. Lesson learned you know?

  • i regret the time i wasted because I prioritized myself the least.