How should I behave?

I'm a member of a sports team. We're only about 10 people who do it seriously and I spend a lot of time on training but also on competitions. I met my best friend there and we really share everything. But I also have a really close relationship to my coach because we spend a lot of time together driving to training (my parents can't drive me and he lives at the same town). I knew that he fell in love with my best friend, but I didn't say anything because I thought he wouldn't tell her. But he did and now they are in a relationship. I'm really upset because she didn't tell me anything about her feelings. And now, we'll spend a week on vacation together (later with some friends but the first days only with those two). I know that they like to spend some time together but it seems as they always want me to leave. But I leave as often as I may because I know they don't have much time together and I was the first (and for a long time also the only person they telled) and they have to hide in front of other people because a huge part of the training mates won't accept their relation. But I'm sick of always hiding and I also want to enjoy my vacation which was planned long time before they started their relation. So should I keep always be quiet and leave them alone. I don't want to and I don't want to lost them both. Especially him, because I spend more time apart from sports stuff with her but not with him. Or should I keep behaving normal when I can't get away. Or should I keep quiet then both. I really don't know what to do and I don't want to spend with them 8 hours in a car. (I hope you'll understand my situation, I know that my bad English only makes it worse, sorry for that) Please answer me however. Thanks C. (female/ 15)


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  • Behave well.

    • Funny. That'll definetly help me.

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    • I am offended!

      I'm not even good at giving advice.

    • I'm pretty sure you'll be whenever somebody'll need advice how to play drama queen.

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