Anyone else feel sad it's Christmas?

It still hits me it's Christmas. I look back at this past year and I have not accomplished anything. I don't remember anything from this whole year. I can only remember bad things. But really. This whole year has been a waste. I still remember it being February. I haven't done anything this whole year. Nothings changed. I can't remember ANYTHING. I feel like this year has been a complete waste. I feel like my life is pointless. Without a meaning. I feel like a complete waste.


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  • what do you want to change? plenty of people feel the way you do... lots of people are so over-scheduled now that they barely have time for any outside life, so your problems probably aren't uncommon... what's wrong exactly?

    • its not even that i don't have time. That's kind of the thing. I do have time. But my life is so boring. And everyday i feel so stressed and i think i have anxiety. And there's not a single day when i feel happy or happy with myself. I dont know. But i can't remember anything from this whole past year. Anything. I guess nothings changed.

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