What is your favorite Christmas song & movie?

When you turn on the tv around Christmas time & ur movie comes on & u have to watch it, what movie is it? Also, u turn on the radio and ur favorite Christmas song comes on, and u can't help but turn up the volume & sing along, what song is it? :)

My favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas & my ultimate favorite songs are Santa Baby & White Christmas by bing crosby! Just love them! ;)


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  • Song Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses
    Movie Scrooged

    • Oksy cool. :) Haven't heard of that one but I'll look it up. :) why do u like this particular dong? :)

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    • My favorite was the ghost of Christmas present when she kicked him in the balls to get his attention

    • Haha its been a while since I watched it but sounds hilarious! :)

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  • My fav Christmas song is Last Christmas.

    I don't have a fav Christmas movie

    • Okay Awsome! :) I'm not sure if I've heard of that song, I probably have & don't remember lol I'll look it up though. :)

  • I never bin into Christmas songs especially since they start playing them after holloween