Girls, My girlfriend dumped me and I don't think she should have, any suggestions on why she would do that?

I went in for a hip disarticulation (amputation at the hip) last month because I had bad circulation in my right leg but they amputated the wrong leg and and then I had to go and get another hip disarticulation yesterday and now I'm left with no legs at all and they're both gone all the way up to the hip and my girlfriend didn't want to be with me anymore after I got my leg amputated and I'm sad:( would you do that to your boyfriend? If you would please tell me the reason, I'd like to know why someone would do that I know that I wouldn't do that to someone I love.


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  • Wow this is very sad:( I am so sorry to here this all I can say is you need a girl who accepts you for who you are and I wouldn't do that to anyone, I myself am missing a leg and I know that it can be tough I wish all the best for you...

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