If laws didn't exist and no one would judge you, what would you do that you can't do now?


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  • Grow marijuana, have a drive and bump into a few assholes


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  • Genocide. Lots of it.

  • I would kill all non-vegetarians in the world, and save the lives of millions of innocent animals from ending up on selfish humans' plates.

    • Humans are animals. Animals eat each other all the time. Calm it down guy.

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    • Just because these animals are raised to be eaten, does not mean they are saved from the pain of brutal manslaughter. So yeah, it's better if these animals were never raised anyway.

      Since it's all about choice, why is it wrong to eat humans? Ok, eating meat is your choice, but I'll eat YOU. Humans are animals, right? And it's all about choice, right? So I prefer to eat YOU and thereby save the lives of all animals you would have eaten till your death. Fuck off.

    • @foreverxinsanity humans are not animals. Animals live by instinct , they kill to survive. Humans can survive without eating meat.

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