I'm getting a veiled chameleon!!! Anything I need to know about them that I haven't already read?

need some suggestions from experienced caretakers of reptiles. i have read many articles and care sheets so any extra info would be great!!
by the way it's going to be a male named Ty (Tie Dye)


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  • You might want a fogger or a programmable mister like exo terra. Consider using a mercury vapor light from zoo med. It will provide both uvb and heat. Keep them away from drafts. They really don't like to be handled. They're mostly a display lizard. Terrarium depth is more important than length so they can go higher to get warmer or lower to get cooler. Enjoy your new pet

    • thanks! which is better; a dripper or a water bubbler?

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    • im pretty sure i have a temperture thing i have everything that is included in the zoo med reptibreeze kit

    • Ohhh that isn't going to hold humidity like a glass one. Temp guns are far more accurate

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