I really need as many tips as possible honestly?

So one thing about me is that I have always been heart broken thousands of times and the exact reason being is that I don't really know how to balance when it comes to love it's usually I love you with all my heart and attention or its just im not interested at all and don't seem to care and I know this isn't good for me and isn't very attractive but I honestly dot know how to be im constantly stick between when the right person comes along then they'll apprciate my trait and between if I don't change my behaviour I'll never find the right person.. I don't know?


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  • Go on YouTube and look for the youtube channel "Shallon Lester".

    She is a relationship/life guru who knows everything about loving yourself while still attracting a relationship without giving up your self worth or dignity. She's completely honest, with no BS fluffy material.

    Definitely check her out.


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  • You might want to lean back and do some soul searching. Meditate and calm down. I think the reason for this might be your attachment style. You might want to read this article www.psychalive.org/.../

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