O ly the less attractive guys gets to see the "real" me?

So the kind of people im almost 100% around, that tendency to like me (guys), are always less attractive.

I often go for the people I dont find that attractive because I feel like they would judge me less and are more open.

The only problem with that is that guys I like and/or find attractive are almost always faces with this more reserved and less outgoing version of me. So I end up with guys I dont like really liking me, because im not afraid to take contact or what they will think about me, and I joke around a lot etc.

90% of the guys I have dated I have Just dates because they approach me and I wasn't disgusted by they looks. I can only recall dating one guy that I was really attracted to.

So I dont know what to do about it. Any advice?


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  • Well, to be honest I don't think looks have anything to do with how judgmental a person is. I know some really adorable, fun loving, non judgmental extremely attractive guys whom I was honestly so afraid to be myself around at first because I judged them because of their attractiveness. But turns out I was completely wrong with my judgement, and we are now all ourselves around each other and things are great.

    Look, these people are just human. Some very ugly people are extremely judgmental, some average looking people are judgmental, some attractive people are judgmental. Some average are not, some attractive are not, some ugly are not.
    I know you might feel more nervous around being perfect around attractive people but don't be. If they end up thinking you're weird, then you know what, whatever, fuck them. At least you tried. The exact same thing could happen with an average dude.

    Plus being yourself is just attractive anyway so what are you so afraid of? You're having all these dudes liking you for who you are, so why couldn't an attractive guy like you as well?

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