Can you describe confidence?

I want to know what confidence looks like.


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  • I have lots of confidence. I am a very bold, funny, childish person, but am very serious.

    Here are some examples of confidence I've done...
    *Talking to a guy WAY out of my league
    *Joining the Elite Math Club
    *Trying out for a solo in choir
    *Pulling down my pants in the store
    *Singing to my boyfriend loud in the mall
    *Trying new foods (cow tongue, fried worms, fried tarantula)

    I could go on and on but... I won't.


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  • Imagine the way you feel when talking to a best friend or family member, you feel as if they look at you and listen to you with mutual admiration, you dont feel like you are being judged or picked apart, you dont feel anxious around these people because you just know you shouldn't fear them or be worried about what they are thinking of you, it isn't a feeling of "i dont care what anyone thinks!" it isn't aggresive in that manner its more of feeling comfortable and fearless in the same way as described above


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  • Don't know about looks but its a feeling that you can compete and possibly win

  • Confidence is not a surface thing - It is an internal feeling

  • Experiencing things enough to know you can handle specific situations, then applying that knowledge to all aspects in life.