Do you believe time travel exists?

Physicists believe time travel to the future may be possible but time travel to the past is not.

I believe neither is possible. Here is why:

Our decisions in the present reflects on what occurs in the future. Those who believe in time travel to the future are implying that these life decisions and actions have already been layed out like a predefined script. But life is not a layed out script.

So what do you think?


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  • No I don't believe it does, but I think it'd be cool if it did.

    • No it wouldn't, it's extremely dangerous to travel back in time and mess with history

    • @ShayanMortazavi1 I get your point, I do agree, but I still think it would be pretty cool in some ways.

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  • Yeah I get your stance, however the theory of multiple dimensions argues against it


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  • I hope not. It's really dangerous to mess with history.

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