Have you ever had an experience that told you that you have a lot of growing up to do? What was it?

Yeah. there is a particular question that was asked and I was very cruel/immature on it. I'm getting alerts from it which reminded me of why I posted.

... Lesson for the future, I suppose.


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  • Too many honestly, especially in 2014 and earlier. One experience that told me that I really have to grow up was when I lost my only friend I had at 2014. I made so many immature and stupid decisions. I reacted with hurt emotions and desperation to keep the friendship when my only friend was drifting apart because of she loved her boyfriend and was losing interest in me as a friend. This made me blind figuratively from seeing how much of a douche I was being unintentional to my friend and pushing her further away permanently, instead of actually saving the friendship. It showed me I really need to grow up and that I needed some serious therapy for some inane actions I have done. Regardless, I don't regret experiencing this negative experience because it helped me grow up significantly and become a better person now. I learn how to take care of my own emotions and mental health in healthy way. I also learn about toxic behaviors such clinginess, passive-aggression, disrespecting other's boundaries, entitlement, emotional/mental life traps, and etc. I know how to avoid having them and identify them in others as well.

    • I'm sorry about that that, but I'm glad that you've learned from the experience.

    • Thanks. It was painful, but those are the experiences that really helped me grow up the most. :)

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