If u came across a small, pocket sized shrink ray, would u take it or leave it? And, who would u shrink for a day or longer if u could?


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  • I would definitely take it. It could come in handy to me :P

    I would shrink my ex boyfriend as pay back for cheating.

    • Haha. So, I had this idea for a story before and it was about a ex who cheated and wanted his girl back.. u could totally relate. Which situstion, if this happened to your ex would u wish for...
      - he falls into a glass of iced tea, which is picked up by his own mother who drinks and gulps him down.
      -he is mistaken as a bug by u, so u or your new guy steps on him.
      -he is found by a young boy who captures him and wants to keep him forever.
      -or, a young girl keeps him forever?

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    • And even over a girl finding him?

    • Either or could be interesting :)

  • TAKE IT!

    My Victims:
    Algebra Teacher
    Donald Trump
    Kayne West
    The Kardashian and Jenner Family

    • Lol like your list. Espically siblings lol. You'd be the "big" sister. Would u keep them in a jar? Lol

    • I throw them in a "Message In A Bottle" and toss them to sea.

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  • My first thought was an incredibly bad movie from the early 90's called "Getting Lucky". HS nerdy kid comes across a leprechaun who isn't very good and keeps messing up his magic. Anyway the kid somehow gets shrunk down to super tiny and ends on up his crush's bike seat... and... see below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8Hud1aOvdE