What is THE most interesting and totally awesomely mondblowingly epic fact in the World?


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  • (Gonna go a little nerdy on you for a second.)

    There are more lifeforms living on your skin than there are people on the planet.

    Also, caterpillars completely liquify as they transform into moths and butterflys.

    • I've heard the first one, but the second one was pretty interesting +_+

    • Well, thanks for the MHO! :)

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  • LEGO people (aka minifigs) will outnumber real people by 2019.


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  • We'd have to go into a discussion to truly understand the magnitude of what this means.


    This concept govern's our existence.

  • That this planet has the right amount of everything to sustain life here, the right distance from sun , atmosphere having the right amount of oxygen and all the gases that protect us from all the harmful radiation from the sun and all the oceans that we have here. Isn't the planet Earth great?

    • Bro... that is deep. Life is an amazing thing 👍🙏

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    • Astronomers call it the "Circumstellar habitable zone"... better known as the "Goldilocks Zone"

    • @Dubhlann oh yeah I've heard that before too, that's another nice fact, also that the average temperature of the earth is 58°F. I guess they took the hottest and coldest points to figure that out