How can I comfort my boyfriend when he cries?

My boyfriend feels bad he lost his cat a few months ago. She ran away and never came back. He has another one but that was his first one. His dad told him he had a cat when he was younger than was gone for a couple years and came back. He said some cats do that. He doesn't know if his will come back. He lives way out in the country he's got woods all around him she could have gone anywhere or a coyote might have got her. He's afraid that's what might have happened to her. There are some cats down the road who look like her I think that's where she came from and probably went back there but we haven't seen them in a while. They all look a like it'll be hard for him to know which one is his if she is there. But he has a bad feeling that a coyote got her or a neighbors dog. It's been really hard for him the last few months. I feel sorry for him I wish it could go out and bring her back but I wouldn't know where to start looking for her. He gets really upset about it easily. I tried everything to help him feel better. What else can I do to help him? How can I comfort him?


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  • Listen to him. Give him his favorite snack/food. Let him cry on your shoulder. Hug him and caress his back. Do stuff together that you know he likes.


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  • You mean your girlfriend? You don't need to comfort her. Tears work as a natural pain killer.

    • Gay people exist you know. This could also be a girl who chose the wrong gender when making an account. None of that matters though.

    • @lumos I don't recall asking for your unwanted opinion

    • Luckily this site is free so people can comment on whatever they want.

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