Do you like this name?

What are your thoughts on the name Amritt... Do you like it, or does it look or sound weird to you?

Update... need more opinions please
Some more opinions?


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  • it depends on the reasoning for the name? and it could always be an icebreaker convo for your kid (im assuming) while at parties or whatever.

    or you can be like my friend and name her son Xyrex Etheene.. because she's a pot head and had it come to her in a vision while high. litterally the name was just made up... he sounds like an ingrediant to a lab project.

    • 1. It's my name
      2. It's an Indian name (I'm Indian, so there is your reason)

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    • im trying to make you realise no one gives a crap about your name. and you shoukdnt care what other think about it. BUT if they think its weird. who cares. IF it makes you go home crying everyday because people laugh at your name then change it. life will keep moving if your name amritt or if its john. it doesn't matter that much

    • Yes you've made your point... I was expecting an answer but you've made your point... bye

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  • It sounds weird to me, but maybe it's a common name where you're from?