Is it normal to feel unwelcome in a new interest group you're trying out?

Like you feel that people don't want you to be there.

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What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah. I guess it is. I mean, if you've never familiarized yourself with something before, I guess it would be natural to feel that way. I moved from Arizona to Washington state last summer and I didn't really feel like people wanted me in my new school. I figured that it was my own mind eating at me and I let that feeling go, and stayed positive, and sooner than I thought, I was enjoying my time there.

    If you were to join a dance group for example and had absolutely no experience, while the other dancers were on a completely different level, wouldn't you feel insecure and kind of out of place? Naturally as you spend more time in the group, you'll get the feeling that you belong more (or something along those lines)
    I guess it's like that, but its okay :) you just have to stay positive and I hope things will work out fine.

    • But what if I get an unwelcome feeling from other members? Like they act cold and distant to me.

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    • It's a group that does long distance walks.

    • this proves how I fail miserably at thinking properly..
      But a long distance walking group sounds nice and relaxing. I get why you might feel like you don't belong but I wouldn't understand why the guys are pushing you away a bit.. maybe that's just how they are, or am I wrong?

What Guys Said 1

  • It depends on where YOU are in the dominance hierarchy.

    Above average = welcome

    Less = unwelcome

    • You being serious?

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    • Somewhere in between? Just normal b

    • You can't be exactly average. I think you're lower than average...